Wednesday, February 28, 2007

One year LID anniversary

Dear Sophie,

Today is a kind of sad anniversary. One year ago our dossier for you was logged in at the CCAA in China. At that time they were predicting that we would learn about you in 6-8 months and bring you home in 8-10 months. After working so hard to quickly complete our paperwork, we were so excited.

Obviously, you didn't come home in 8-10 months, and you probably won't be home 8-10 months from now, especially since we are now adopting your brother before you. Still, we think about you every day and can't wait until the day--whenever it is--when we finally meet you.

Your Mom and Dad

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The luck of the boar

Dear Sam,

I'm sorry I haven't written much about your adoption process lately. Your Dad and I have been having a hard time with all the disappointments. One way I have dealt with that is to try not to think about it, and obviously that means blogging about it, too. Not to mention that there really hasn't been anything to report.

But there is some slightly positive news from Vietnam this week. Apparently the dossiers of the three LSS families that are ahead of us learned on Monday that their dossiers have been approved by the DIA (central Department of International Adoption). They will now go to the province for approval. This is the first step toward a referral. Previously we had been told that our dossiers were sitting on some official's desk while the DIA waded through the backlog with the new procedures. So this means the movement has begun.

These three families have weathered the wait for LSS's license just as we have, maybe even longer, and have had their dossiers in Vietnam since late November. So I am very happy for them, but I had a twinge of sadness, since we had hoped we might move up into this first travel group. I have since learned that that is still a possibility, as LSS is hoping our (and another families') dossier will be approved by the DIA in week or so.

Of course, these estimates are always just guesses and something can always come up to slow things down. In a best-case scenario, we could be approved next week and a referral could come in the next month (with travel 2-3 months later). So my heart is opening up to the possibility of summer, though it still could be fall or winter.

Your Dad and I went back and forth on how or whether to celebrate the Asian New Year this year. Last year we had a party with the expectation that we would have Sophie home before this New Year. This year it was hard to come up with any celebratory spirit. But then I learned it is the extra lucky Year of the Boar, so I talked your Dad into going to the Tet celebration sponsored by the local organization of adoptive parents with children from Vietnam. Then there was a snowstorm and we weren't able to make it after all, since we had other dinner plans that night, too.

Maybe the lucky boar is going to help us bring you home this year after all.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

We passed the CCAA review room!

Dear Sophie,
Today we reached a very important milestone in our adoption of you. Our dossier, which was logged in by the China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) on February 28 of last year, has finally made it past the first major hurdle. It has cleared the "review room." If the CCAA has any concerns or questions about our paperwork, they would have asked them before we cleared the review room. Passing the review room means we are clear to adopt.
The announcement at right was posted today on the CCAA website. Usually every month, when news of referrals is posted, the CCAA makes the announcement of another month clearing the review room. However, February was in the review room for an extremely long time: four months. (Luckily we've been too distracted by the problems with our Vietnam adoption to be too concerned about this.)
So, this is good news. Although, to be honest, with referrals still taking about two months for every month of Log-In Dates (LIDs), we are still about 9-10 months away from learning who you are, and about one year away from meeting you. Still, at this rate, the possibility that you will come to us before your brother is increasing.
I saw this news this morning on the Rumor Queen's website, and I woke up your Dad to tell him. Then he went back to sleep! Still, we celebrate this step. And then we go back to waiting...