Monday, April 23, 2007

Concurrent adoptions

UPDATE: I spoke with our China agency this morning and they insist that this is not true. Apparently the agency that is saying this even qualifies and says this does not come directly from the CCAA. Other people have successfully adopted domestically during the wait. China does not even require an updated home study; only USCIS does. Needless to say, we are relieved but I did not sleep much last night. I think I'll take a nap. Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts. (HS)

A very scary rumor about China possibly not allowing people who are trying to adopt from Vietnam during their China wait to complete their China adoptions. If true, this could be the end of our ability to adopt two children, including a daughter.

I really can't take any more bad news. C'mon, God, I'm hanging on by a thread here, to begin with.

I will be calling my agency tomorrow morning to get their read on this. I'm praying it's not as dire as it sounds. This is the suckiest part of adoption: Anyone can change all the rules on you halfway through, and you're just completely screwed.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Auntie Trish

Dear Sam and Sophie,

It's time you meet some of the family who will be loving you to death once you get here. This is Auntie Trish, your Dad's sister, who lives in Philadelphia. She is going to be the coolest aunt. Sophie, you especially will be lucky to be guided by her fashion sense, although, Sam, I'm sure she will help you be hip, too.

Last weekend the Butler siblings were in Kentucky for the baptism of your cousin, Elena. Auntie Trish brought a book as a gift, and I shouldn't have been surprised that she picked one of the best books ever: one by Richard Scarry. I love Lowly Worm! Doesn't Elena seem really interested in it?

Your Daddy was also very good at reading to Elena!

We can't wait for you to meet the whole Butler clan. This weekend we are in Philadelphia, celebrating your grandparents' 40th wedding anniversary. I will share some photos of that non-celebration later.

We are working on redoing our USCIS paperwork now, as it will expire June 11. We thought we were smart, trying to do this Vietnam adoption during our China wait and figured we would not have to pay the almost $1,000 extra to redo this paperwork. Wrong. Oh well, I guess we're getting used to it.

Seeing little Elena cheered us both up, though. As does Auntie Trish, who has the best of the Butler sense of humor. Here's a secret: tomorrow is her birthday.

Love, Mom