Saturday, March 24, 2007


Dear Sam,

Today your Dad and I went to get re-fingerprinted by the USCIS. We were fingerprinted last year, but the governement requires us to have them re-done after 14 months. Ours expired March 17. The rest of our USCIS paperwork expires June 11, so we will have to redo that as well. Fingerprints: $140; other paperwork: $545.
The good news is that our local government fingerprinting office is the most efficient I've ever heard about. (Actually most of the government offices we've had to deal with have been pretty decent. The worst experience with paperwork was with our doctor's office.)
The fingerprinting office is just 5 minutes from our house. We went today (on a Saturday) and expected a line, but we were seen right away. Five minutes later, we were done.
Other people have to drive hours to get to their fingerprinting office and then sometimes wait hours to be fingerprinted. So we are lucky, and grateful. If only everything else were this easy and fast!

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