Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lewis and Clark

Dear Sam and Sophie,

It's Labor Day Weekend, and although that refers to a different kind of "labor," I'm really feeling the "work" that is involved in becoming parents to both of you. This latest news that things might not work out with our second Vietnam agency has been so disheartening, and the wait for China continues to crawl at a snail's pace. I took a vacation day on Friday so I would have a nice long weekend to try to recover, and I decided not to accomplish anything this weekend. No cleaning. No projects. No commitments.

Friday night I was supposed to go to a friend's bachelor party, but my ride fell through, so I took it as a sign I wasn't meant to go. (Large group gatherings with strangers are especially hard these days, as everyone asks me, "How's the adoption going?") Then your Dad decided to go to a bbq at friends Jason and Daniela's, and at the last minute I decided to go along. Jason and Daniele had a little boy named Max three months ago, and at the party we both got to hold and feed him. He is so cute! And it was great to get a taste of what's coming for us.

Then on Saturday we decided to go on the Moonlight Paddle with Chicago River Canoe and Kayak, where my friend Delia works on the weekends. It was so great! We canoed upriver from Addison to Foster, got off and had a picnic dinner, then canoed back down in the dark. Very peaceful and even romantic! On top of that, we met three people (one young man who works with Delia and a couple on the trip with us) who were Vietnamese-American. We shared that we were adopting from Vietnam and they were all very supportive. By Saturday night I had a much more peaceful feeling about the whole thing. I think it's a sign we're meant to be going to Vietnam to get little Sammy. Maybe God sent those three people to let us know we're headed in the right direction.

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