Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bad news

Dear Sam,

Today we learned that LSS is not going to be getting their license this week. In fact, the VN government has set them back several steps, so they need to have a site visit again. Therese called with the news and said she really thinks they can't make our timeline and that we should consider going with another agency. If we stay with them, we have to be "in it for the long haul," and be willing to go with their occasional slowness. She suspects their agency (and others newly licensed, heck, maybe even all of them eventually) are going to have extra steps along the way.

So your Dad and I have to make a decision. Stay, or start over. Neither is good news, and means that not only will we not meet you this year, or early next year, but that we'd better get used to thinking "maybe by summer."

I am extremely depressed this week, to say the least. We hope to take a small break from all this adoption obsessing (I'm even limiting my adoption blog reading!). Maybe after our anniverswary camping trip next weekend, we'll have more clarity.

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