Thursday, August 17, 2006

Turtle time

Dear Sam,

I hope you like turtles. Last night I bought these little khaki short overalls with little turtles embroidered all over them and matching shirt. I found them at Filene's Basement, where your Dad and I were shopping for shoes for him. This was on sale and then on clearance and only cost $3.50. Your Mom is one bargain shopper!

Maybe turtles are an appropriate image for this whole process because it's so SLOW! But we did get some good news today. Therese from LSS told us to resend in our contract and emailed us some of the forms we need to start filling out. She also said the "dossier package" is in the mail, which means we will officially start "paperchasing" soon. Yea! In preparation, I sent away for my birth certificate from Wisconsin today, and your future Grandpa in Philadelphia sent away for your Dad's. Here we go... I'll try to remember that slow and steady wins the race.

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