Sunday, August 20, 2006

A place for your clothes

Dear Sam,

Your Dad and I bought this dresser at At Home Furniture in Libertyville more than a year ago, knowing that it would someday be a baby dresser. It's a funny story: We were driving home from Wisconsin after visiting your grandparents there, and since we had a rental car, we decided to stop at the store in the suburbs where we had ordered this. But it turned out it was much bigger than we thought, and the store owner didn't think we could get it home. We shoved it in the trunk, tied the trunk shut as best we could, and prayed it wouldn't fall out on the way home. I remember we drove really, really slowly on the freeway. But we made it home safe and sound.

After sitting unfinished for more than a year (and being filled with assorted junk), I decided to finish it on Friday. We wanted it to somewhat match the crib and the Ikea bookshelves in the room, so I just polyurathane'd it with no stain. It turned out nice--two coats everywhere and three on the drawer fronts and top. I also painted the drawer knobs with the green paint from the wall.

The old Laura Ashley lamp from my bedroom matches well, as does Boo Bear (my teddy bear from when I was a child). You can see your rug and bedding piled in the corner there. It's still seems too early to put the crib together. Maybe next month, or as a celebration when our paperwork is submitted. Meanwhile, at least your clothes and some of your toys are tucked nicely away in this dresser. Baby steps...


Anonymous said...

Heidi, the dresser looks nice. Great job. I bet you are glad that is done. I need to do the bar top and the chair that goes by the desk. Hope to do it when this B&B closes.

Going to Irish Fest again today. Hope it is better than Thursday. I'm never going to eat mussels again. Have on my "In 1987 Irish Fest gave a flood and 62,000 people came" button. Remember that?

Love, Mom

Heather said...

Your dresser looks great!! I love the mirror too - what's the border made of?