Thursday, August 24, 2006

Paperchase finally begins!

Dear Sam,

It's been a busy week (or 10 days) as far as your adoption paperwork is concerend. We had yet another mail problem (I do wish LSS wouldn't send everything regular snailmail). In fact, it took so long for the dossier guide to get to us that Therese finally emailed it to me. I was somewhat disappointed because it is only PART of the dossier. They want us to do these first four documents first:

1. Application to adopt a child from Vietnam
2. Letter about why we want to adopt
3. Commitment to do annual reports
4. Photo page (I included this photo of our kitchen!)

We finished these, had them notarized and faxed them to Therese at LSS-MN today, Thursday, Aug. 24. Now we wait for them to be approved and then apparently they send us the info we need to do the rest of the dossier. This excessively cautious methodical-ness is really frustrating. Most agencies would have already sent me the whole dossier guide and, to be honest, I'd be done with it already.

I can only hope they don't send the next packet regular snailmail.

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