Thursday, August 03, 2006

Paper lantern

Dear Sam and Sophie,

A couple of weeks ago your Dad and I were at a Friday night party at an art gallery. The event was a book launching for our friend Karlin Sloan's new book, Smarter, Faster, Better.

At the party, we were introduced to a friend of our friends Nick and Sandra. Her name was Laura Gannarelli, a graphic designer and adult Korean adoptee. She has started a non-profit organization called "Paper Lantern," a resource center for Korean adoptees.

We had a great conversation about the issues facing Asian adoptees and their families. We were so excited to hear that she has her first big event, a panel discussion with U.S. and Canadian Korean adoptees, on Sept. 17 in Chicago. "My hope is that through these honest discussion of our experiences stated in a frank and honest way [we] will help the parents understand our feelings and to see things that they may not have been aware of," says Laura.

For more information about the event or the organization, see

We hope to learn more from Laura and other adult Asian adoptees.

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