Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A new wrinkle/A new agency?

Dear Sam,

Today your Mommy-to-be had a little bit of a crying breakdown. I had to close my door at work and just let it out. This journey to you has already been hard, and we've barely started. The new wrinkle is that is there is a possibility that we may have to start over with yet another (our third) agency for our Vietnam adoption. It seems that LSS-MN is being super-cautious about the new laws that will be part of the Hague treaty next year. Therese emailed me today asking if our homestudy agency, Glenkirk, is COA accredited. Turns out they've applied for it, but don't have it yet (they, too, are anticipating Hague changes).

So now we're waiting to see if we are "grandfathered" in for this particular issue. They said they should know by the end of the week. This is very upsetting, as it will mean that we have wasted another month with an agency that won't work out for us. My good idea to "jump" to Vietnam, made two and half months ago, would have put me ahead of all the people who have subsequently had that idea. Now we're probably part of the new rush to VN and will end up waiting just like everyone for China. To be honest, this, combined with the fact that LSS doesn't have their license yet and their general slowness with the paperchase, has me not that sad to switch.

I called the next agency on our list of preferred one, Adoption Center of Washington, and spoke to Linda, the director there. She told me they would work with us with our China adoption started, and that COA accreditation was not a problem. They are highly respected and have had two groups of families travel so far. The only thing is that they are a couple thousand dollars more expensive, and they have a waiting list of 14 families before us. They currently only work in one province, but are close to adding two more. They estimate the wait to referral after paperwork to be 2-6 months (while LSS says 2-3), but they estimate paperwork should take 6 weeks (whereas with LSS, it could be more like 3 months). I had to start over, but it helps to know we have some options. They already sent me their info packet and even the dossier guide (by email!). We think we're going to fill out the application (what's another $300!?) just in case.

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