Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Here we go again

Dear Sam,

Today your Dad and I chose the agency we are going to use to adopt you from Vietnam. We thought we were going to use another agency, but after your Mom did lots of research, using her investigative reporter skills, she found out that maybe that agency didn't have the best person to help us when we get to Vietnam.

Finally, we decided that Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota is the best agency out there to help us start our family. We really like the woman in charge of the Vietnam program there. Her name is Therese Bartlett and she has written a book called When You Were Born in Vietnam (Yeong & Yeong, 2001). You can read an interview with Therese here.

LSS works with a woman named Caroline Ticarro-Parker, who founded a humanitarian organization called the Catalyst Foundation to help children back in Vietnam as well as those who come to the U.S.

We feel really good about this agency, so as soon as we heard today that everything is going smoothly with their licensing by the Vietnam government, we took the application that we filled out this weekend, and your Mom rushed home to get a copy of our home study and get it all in the overnight mail by 5 p.m. So by tomorrow LSS should have our application.

It's Step 1.

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