Monday, August 14, 2006

Contract sent!

Dear Sam,

Well, it's official. Today we Fed Ex'd the signed contracts with Lutheran Social Services. Also, our homestudy agency, Glenkirk Adoptions, has sent their signed contracts, too (after a little mix-up). Now LSS-MN will work with Megan, our social worker, to get our home study fixed up for Vietnam. Hopefully this is something that won't take too long and won't cost too much! It's a little bit more than changing all the "China"s to "Vietnam"s. We met with Megan last month for a quick update, and she was helpful, as usual. She referred us to a good pediatrician who specializes in children adopted internationally. And she gave us good advice about having two children from two different countries.

I've updated the blog to include some links about Vietnam adoption, adoption in general, and eventually China adoption. I'm also starting a list of other adoptive parents' blogs I'm reading.

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