Saturday, August 12, 2006


Dear Samuel,

As you know, we initially expected your sister, Sophie, first. So when our friends Jenny and Jon were getting ready to move, they gave us lots of gently used baby clothes from Grace, but ended up selling all of Nathan's old clothes at their garage sale. Also, your Auntie Amy has been saving all of her kids' clothes, but Jack and Kevin were rougher on them than Clare. Simply put, we have lots of girl clothes and not so much for you.

So today your thifty Mom went off on her bike to hit the neighborhood's garage sales and had success at one in particular, where a woman with a toddler boy was getting rid of baby clothes. I got a nice snowsuit (at right) and several outfits, some still with the tags on for only $10. Yes, $10 total, for a snowsuit, two light blue cotton outfits, two pair of cord pants, one pair of sweat pants, a fleece reindeer outfit, a fleece lion top, and a Pooh baseball pair of jean overalls.

I can't wait to wash it all in Dreft and put it in your (yet unvarnished) dresser. Don't worry, you will not be naked!

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